Tony Robbins And The Salespersons Ultimate Guide!

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Struggling to grow your SALES

and build your TEAM?


One of the key SECRETS to growing your sales and building your teams is to be SEEN, HEARD and KNOWN as a Trusted Expert!


The most effective and top way of becoming a “Trusted Expert” is understanding

3 very important steps and I’m going to share ONE  of my

secrets with you, on just how to do that!

Step 1: Control The Conversation – not DOMINATE. Dominating is NOT letting another person get a word in…AT ALL. Both retail and recruit prospects will become super BORED with you and attempt to end the meeting ASAP.  Dominating is talking “AT” a person rather than WITH a person.
Step 2: Ask Questions – Successful Achievers know exactly
  1. What questions to ask
  2. When to ask
  3. How to ask
They are simple questions that when asked, IGNITE & SPARK interest for both selling retail products and recruiting new distributors.
Step 3: Listen & Learn – This is probably the hardest step to master, yet the easiest once you’ve got the first two in place. You can NOT hear what the other person is truly “saying or wanting” if you DO NOT allow them to tell you.

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