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Struggling to grow your sales

and build your team?

One of the KEY secrets to growing your sales and building your teams is to be SEEN, HEARD and KNOWN as a Trusted Expert!

The most effective and top way of becoming a Trusted Expert is understanding 3 very important keys steps and I’m going to share my secret with you on how to do that.

Step 1: Control The Conversation – not DOMINATE. Dominating is NOT letting another person get a word in…AT ALL. Both retail and recruit prospects will become super BORED with you and attempt to end the meeting ASAP. {Dominating is talking AT a person rather than WITH a person.}
Step 2: Ask Questions – Successful Salespeople know exactly
  1. What questions to ask.
  2. When to ask.
  3. How to ask.
They are simple questions that when asked, IGNITE & SPARK interest for both selling retail products and recruiting new distributors.
Step 3: Listen & Learn – This is probably the hardest step to master, yet the easiest once you’ve got the first two in place. You can NOT hear what the other person is truly “saying or wanting” if you DO NOT allow them to tell you.

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Wish this was you?


The Distributor Acquisition Program is a 6-week course created specifically for Network Marketers and Direct Sales Business Owners.

  • Sales – Learn how to get the meeting, know your story and how to share it, follow-up process, and asking for the sale.
  • Recruiting – Selling your products and Retailing for building your downline – Duplication.
  • Money– A MONEY GOAL Tracking system created specifically for Network Marketers. You are a “Business Owner” it’s time you start running yours like one.
  • Prospecting – Trusted Expert! How, Where to find, What to do and say. Putting your awesome marketing materials, samples and videos to work for you.
  • New Distributors – Who are you adding to your team and why? This is critical to your success and getting to the lifestyle you deserve.
  • KISS – Keep It Simple Sweetheart! Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome, maintaining focus, organization and doing the things you NEED to do. Learn where you are wasting your time and STOP!

Note: This 6-week program is not for everyone.  In fact, if you are not ready to invest in yourself and your business as a Network Marketer, then this is definitely not a program for you. 

For everyone else, who is ready to outsell, outshine and grow their businesses, click the button below!