Your Business Called….And It Needs Your Attention!

change ahead



2017 is just around the corner…and it’s approaching FAST!

So what changes are you willing and able to make towards growing your business? 

Business Sales Professionals, Small Business Owners and Solo Entrepreneurs – The pressure is on for you to:

  1. Stop accepting that status quo

  2. Reflect on what worked and what didn’t work

  3. List out 5 things you need to change and/or do more of and better

  4. Accept that you have to be the one in control to make that happen

  5. Prioritize your schedule to allow time to focus and work on the “Change”.


Remember the old saying:  Doing the same things and expecting a different results

= Insanity!

It’s your choice – except the insanity or take control now and start your 2017 Growth Plan.


Heather Rachel here, owner of SBD, and I know after working with companies and business owners for last 20 years, how difficult and frustrating growing your business can be. 

So I want to take the pain and frustration out this for you and let you know that 90% of the time, all it takes is a 2 hour meeting with my clients and they’ve got their growth plan ready and armed for execution and delivery. 

Hoping, Ignoring or silently Waiting for a change is business suicide!  Successful business owners and professionals have a plan.  A plan that holds them accountable and they are able to adapt and change as needed. ”

Heather Rachel


Let SBD help you Today! 

Call and schedule your 2-hour Growth Strategy Session for you and your business now for only $499

(Offer must be purchased before 11/30/16 and valid until 1/15/17)

Your business will thank you later!