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5 Ways To Stop Wishing and Start Taking Control.


Sorry to break it to you…but there is NO

“Magic Wand”.  Change, Growth and Determination begin with you!

How much time, energy and money are you wasting?

A survey conducted and published by www.foxbusiness.com on 11/04/13, showed that small business owners waste 4 Billion hours each year.
Most of those hours were related to  doing administrative tasks, zapping precious energy, time and money instead of working on growing their business.

Many people in various positions, not just small business owners, waste time on tasks that drain their ability to stay focused, energized and performing like a “Rock Star”.

It’s difficult when you have an employer that has tasked you with things to do as part of your job that hold you down.  Believe me…I get it!

It’s just as difficult running a business and trying to do everything yourself too.

So what can you do to take back your power, energy and rock star mojo?  ( No…it’s not a magic wand!)

I thought you’d never ask…  

1) Make a lists or review your assigned tasks, and highlight the ones that REALLY are the buzz kill time wasters for you.  Of those tasks, honestly ask yourself if there is someone else that you could delegate or hire to do on your behalf.  (This is where you have to let go a little.)

2)  STOP taking on more and trying to do and be everything to everyone.  You’re going to have learn to say NO sometimes.

3) Stop wasting time and money on quick fixes.  They are not getting you closer to your goals and they leave you feeling worse off than before you started.  Growth and Change have to come from within you and can only start with you.  (If you’re not happy, that’s not your employers or customers fault.)

4) Stop blaming and take responsibility for yourself and your actions.  If you are a work alcoholic – That’s your choice.  If you’re a slacker – that’s your choice too.  Want a change? Be your change!

5) Want to be more successful?  Choose who you spend majority of your time with wisely!  Success breeds success.  Hanging around negative Nellies and Gossipers will not increase your odds for opportunities, growth or positive change.  It’s your choice.
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