Pay It Forward Friday Challenge…



Everyone is looking to increase their exposure, grow their network and gain new business.  So why let your “Rolodex” of contacts sit by the wayside and expect someone else to reach out to you or do something for you?

Today, take time to do something nice for someone else…just because.

It’s as easy as going through your LinkedIn contacts and reaching out to past colleagues, people you haven’t connected with in some time or maybe it’s someone you would really like to know better.

  • Endorse them for a skill.
  • Send them message to say hello and see how they are genuinely doing.
  • Congratulate them on an accomplishment, birthday or anniversary.
  • Give them a testimonial

I know you can find time to do something kind for at least 3 people.  Heck, do more if you can, but try to do at least 3.  See how good you’ll feel for doing something kind for someone else who didn’t ask it of you.

Pay It Forward! 

Being in the daily “Hustle” includes maintaining your humanity, integrity and reputation.

Please share this post with your network and make it a Ridiculously Fantastic day!