Time after time…

Joining groups on Social Media is a great way to share information, stay informed on topics, reach out for advice and target potential customers.

So why is it that time after time…

People post what they are selling on a group page that consists of other people who do or sell the same product/service?

If you were a Patent Attorney looking for your next client, would you join a group on say LinkedIn that is called “National Patent Attorneys”? Or, would you join a group titled “Innovative Solar Tech”? Hopefully you said the latter.

I understand that even our competition can be a great source for referring business at times. Yet I’m always amazed when I see postings that are really a waste of time and effort falling on deaf ears.

If you want to reach your next prospect, decide on specific industries you best serve, that you hold a ton of knowledge about and start posting articles, case studies or stories about current challenges and issues that industry is facing.

Become and be seen as a knowledgeable expert and trusted source. When your prospect is ready to look at a product or service such as yours, they will remember you and how helpful and useful you are.

Show how what you do benefits others rather than by telling them, “this is what we do and sell”.