Say it isn’t so…

Don’t you just love it when your prospect turns to you and says, “That sounds like a lot of money for your product/service?”

I’m betting NOT! Nothing kills a good sales buzz than an objection like that.

So what’s the secret and what can you do to turn that around on the spot with confidence?

I’ll tell you…


But first, I want you to know what it isn’t.

It is NOT where you should start peddling backwards by trying to convince your prospect of: Top Quality Service, On-time Delivery or Excellent Customer Service. Big Deal! Everyone says those same things and there is nothing in those statements that separates you from your competition. Not to mention all you are doing is justifying your price.

Instead, what if you were to turn the question back around to your customer and ask, “What is it that you’re seeking to get out of our service that were providing that you would view as a better return for your investment?”

The key word here is Investment. Your prospect does not see your services as an investment in their company. Rather they see it as an expense. So look at this as a great opportunity, yes i said great opportunity,  to get your client to tell you what they expect, want and need and by doing so showing them how what you are offering is an investment for their business.

By showing them it’s an investment, they can begin to see the return on their investment (ROI) through using your services.

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