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7 DIY Tips To Get Organized


Let’s face it, taking time to get yourself organized can feel like a daunting task.  I get it!  But how great would it feel to have clutter out of the way on your desk, your electronic files and emails?
Ridiculously amazing I’m guessing!
For many, summer months are a bit more relaxed and schedules less crazy.
So why not take advantage of that time to get yourself organized and ready to have clarity and focus back?
Save your excuses and get crackin mate!

  1. Vertical Filing System – It’s a proven fact, that for those of you who like having your files out and easy to grab that keeping them in a pile horizontally on your desk, takes up more space than if you held them in a vertical file.  Vertical files are scaled making it easy to read and grab the one you need.  Horizontal leaves you picking up the stack, rummaging through them or craning your neck off to the side to see which file is where, all the while balancing the stack so they don’t end up everywhere.
  2. Set up RULES within your email.  If you work with Outlook and are on the home page of your email, look towards the top near the middle and you will see Rules.  This allows you to set up folders within your in-box and create a rule that sends all emails from that person/organization into that folder.  Thus eliminating pesky emails that you want to keep and read on your own time from filling up in your in-box.  Genius!!!
  3. Clean up your saved files!  This one should be pretty easy….get rid of files you no longer need – DELETE, create files within files to store things not pertinent but want to keep and rename anything you need to be able to find quicker.
  4. Keep your calendar up to date and organized by meetings.  Outlook Calendar allows you to create Categories.  These are color coded to let you know what type of meeting/appointment you are going to attend.  Create one for Prospects, Customers, Referral Sources, Personal and so forth.
  5. Set a timer for 30 minutes – clean up your desk and files.  Go through and throw away the clutter of paper, newspapers, magazines and anything else that you don’t need.  If you haven’t “touched” it in the last three months you probably don’t need it lying around.  Throw it OR file it!
  6. Always keep a stack of Post It notes handy!
  7. Get a cup/bin to store your pens/highlighters/pencils – all writing utensils, scissors and rulers etc… They are serving you little purpose rolling around all over your desk.

So instead of refreshing your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter page all day long and hitting the send/receive email tab….take a little bit of time each day for the next couple weeks and get your self organized. You’ll be glad you did and feel more in control of your time!

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