Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These…

Ever have someone ask you: What are you committed to?

The first time I heard that question, it really through me for a loop. In plain English, it’s a pretty simple question. (It’s OK if you don’t have an immediate answer, I certainly didn’t either.) Yet it’s a question that most of us need time to process and think about. Whether it be professionally, personally or both.

It is definitely much easier to spout out the things you know you are NOT committed to at first. And if so, then there in itself is a good starting point to begin.

Begin what you ask? Developing your plan in staying connected and driven to what you are committed to. But beware…This is not an invitation to a party for your friend procrastination.   So often, most of us have a ton of reasons why we procrastinate. Examples: Work is so busy right now. My kids are in so many activities that I barely have time to think. It’s just a dream anyway.

Blah, Blah, Blah…

Yes, all are valid reasons or excuses, however you want to label them, but what if you wrote down the things that mean the most to you that you are committed to? That includes goals, future plans and dreams. What if you had them written down and available to read anytime you wanted?

What it does is keep you centered and focused on those very things. And, when you are centered and focused on them you attract the very opportunities and find yourself in those situations that match what you are needing to get there. It is the law of attraction at work.

Discipline and drive are key to staying focused on what you are committed to. Little or no commitment will get you nowhere! And as for procrastination, well you know where that will get you too.

If it’s easier to start a list about what you are not committed to, than do that first. Make two columns on a sheet of paper: Committed To & Not Committed To. When you get bored and tired from writing all the things down you’re NOT committed to, then hopefully you can begin to sift through what it is you really are committed to wanting and doing.


Sweet dreams are made of these…Commitments. So get yourself on track and focused today with intention to what you are committed to because procrastination will get you nowhere very quickly!

Challenge: Ask yourself and identity what YOU are committed to and get busy!