You Can’t Handle The Truth!

Running a business is no easy task, that’s for sure! Depending on what stage your business is at, many times owners are the sales department, finance department, marketing department and complaint department.   How exhausting!

Yet, as these companies grow, so does the culture that takes shape and with that company processes and procedures. The challenge for many of these companies is that the culture usually is one that morphed over time and created itself. Yes, that is an issue. A big issue!

There tends to be overlap in areas, employees unclear of expectations, wrong hires, lack of systems and processes or ones that no longer suit the needs of the company and the list goes on and on……

While the above is a very broad and generalized glimpse of a company’s internal health, it is the truth for many businesses operating today. The owners of these businesses do not want to see or admit the truth, in that they are responsible as the owner for how the company came to be this way.

Makes sense though right? I mean we are all human and starting a business and running it is a daily commitment and experience all in its own. The pressures mount, egos are high and the last thing any business owner wants to admit, acknowledge or see is the reality in which the state of their business is in and operating. That might mean for some failure, weakness and or fault.

It’s a slippery slope when working with business owners and helping them to see the internal dysfunction and stress that is impacting themselves, their employees, sales and overall well-being.

And so, as the headline reads – You can’t handle the truth – If you’re a business owner and wanting change and growth, find a way or a resource to help you walk through and understand the truth. Only then can you grown your business, it starts within first.