“I want you, to want me…”

Isn’t that what every sales person and business wants from prospects? Of course it is and they want it ten-fold.

It’s a balancing act though– Obtaining new customers and Retaining the ones you currently have.

It’s so easy to have your attention diverted leaving you looking and feeling like your running in twenty directions.

One week you’re focusing on getting appointments with new customers, the next two weeks you’re attending those meeting. The following week you’re scheduling follow-up calls/meetings for the ones you already had and after that you are hopefully writing up a proposal to present to the prospect for them to buy from you.

Finally, you’ve achieved your goal of getting more business (Yay for you) time to jump on the hamster wheel and do it all over again.

But what happens to those great customers you’ve signed on and sold to?

Are you reaching out after the sale to see how things are going for them?

How has their experience been thus far?

Do they have any questions or concerns?

Is there anything more you can do for them at this time?

I’m guessing many of you know this balancing act – it’s hard. But it is JUST as important, if not more, to maintain contact and furthering your relationship with the customers already working with you.

Identifying other ways you can help them and having a genuine interest in their business and satisfaction. Why? Because it takes more energy, resources and time to go out every day hitting the pavement and finding new customers. You know it does.

Your current customers should feel as though they want you more and more.  Giving you more business, honest feedback and referring others to you.

Leave them unattended and your leaving them feeling unappreciated. I don’t need to remind you what happens next… Hello Competitor!

Make the time to nurture your current customers. After you read this, take a moment and find three customers that you can reach out to and make a difference in their day (repeat). Boosting customer retention is not your customers job….It’s yours!