…You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!

For many, we remember the scene in the movie Jaws where police Chief Martin Brody is on the Orca with Hooper and Quint in the Ocean, tossing bait overboard looking the man-eating great white shark known as, JAWS. It isn’t long when suddenly the shark appears and when it does, it’s larger than anyone imagined.

Think of your business as the Orca, sailing around the ocean looking for business (Jaws). And while you’re out spending time and money to grow your business, one of your employees (Chief Brody) declares “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”, and what he’s really saying is….”Hey boss, we need to spend more money if we are going to get the big sale today and reel it in”.

Business owners can at times have the same mentality as Quint (The Captain of the Orca). Meaning, they believe they either have enough resources already working for them to get the big fish (Prospect) or are a bit delusional in that they have the resources at hand as well as the perfect product/services that the big prospect will want and need.

But be careful of the big fish you are attempting to reel onto your boat…It may eat your boat too!

The point is two-fold. Understanding who your target market is (prospect) is very important and knowing how you can meet their demands as well as expectations, that were established early on in your conversations.

Too many times have small companies set out to hook the Big Box Stores to earn their business only to find out at the eleventh hour that The Big Box store has turned into JAWS and is devouring your boat. Their demands on quantity, where and how your items will be sold in their stores, buy backs that deflate your bottom line and the list goes on and on.

You need to be able to handle 90% of what is to come your way, if not, it’s like looking for Jaws in a Kayak. You will be eaten alive! Establishing your marketing and sales efforts are crucial as well as refining them as you grow. But you have to know your market and grow into your market one step at a time otherwise you will have bitten off more than you can chew! (Ok, little pun intended.)