What direction is your compass pointing you?

Many business owners are like Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.  In the movie Jack’s compass points in all directions, never resting in any one direction.  And if you saw the movie you also remember he is told that the compass will not rest until he decides what it is he truly wants.  Only then will it point him into a course of direction to set sail and obtain the desired.

Business owners are looking in all directions seeking change and a course of direction to help them accomplish their goals.  It happens in all shapes and sizes: growing sales, increasing market share, financing and so forth.  Yet, when asked how they are going to do any and all of it, there is a blank stare.

Why is that?  Because they haven’t decided what they and their company need the most to successfully set their goal in the beginning.  Having a destination to arrive at makes the journey more enjoyable and obtainable because you know where you want to be.  You see it, feel it and breath it!

If you’re feeling as though your compass is like Jack Sparrow’s isn’t it time to seek professional guidance to help you and your company?