Whether you are in Network Marketing, Direct Sales, a Solopreneur or Small Business Owner… 

Heather Rachel is your Growth Strategy, EXPERT!

Why Work With A Business Coach?


  • Have you exhausted all of your family and friends on Facebook and other social media sites and still not reaching your sales goals?
  • Are you struggling to Recruit and Retail your products or services?
  • Has your Up-Line left you hanging with little direction and motivation?
  • Tired of trying to LEAD your team only to have them produce even fewer sales and recruits?
  • You’ve launched your business but your sales are still weak, the phone isn’t ringing with new clients or referrals and your thinking to yourself…Will this business ever grow?

Are you MOTIVATED & DRIVEN, and ready to grow your business?

It all boils down to being willing to doing the basics, shifting your mindset and to do the work needed.  

The success of your business starts and ends with you…So what are you doing to stand in its way?

Let’s get started today so you can STOP spending money, time and energy where it doesn’t belong and put it back where it does…WITH YOU!



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You deserve to make money, be successful and live the lifestyle you desire!

Heather Rachel has worked with and helped many smart, savvy and creative business owners, just like yourself grow their businesses successfully.  

Having over 20 years of combined experience in financing, hands-on sales as well as marketing for various companies from small to large Fortune 500 Companies and everything in between, Heather is your trusted and dedicated partner for growth.

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Lesley Fahey, Distributor for Rain International



“Heather is an amazing business coach. In the short time, I have been working with her I have more success in communication and first impressions than I have had working with other coaches for long periods of times! Heather is clear and concise in her coaching and I love the personal touch of in-person meetings!”